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WWL group cliff

Farscape Vid: Show Time

Title: Show Time

Music: The Zanies by X-Ray Dog
Length: 1:45

Genre: Comedy

Download: 26 MB wmv at 4shared,  26 MB mp4 at Mediafire

Watch: YouTube

This vid was made for the 7th Terra Firma Beach Bash Video Challenge. Theme - Anarchy.

Big thanks goes to  nymeria_55  and nebari_rebel  for being as always awesome and inspiring test drivers!

Have fun!!!


Squeee!!! Thank you so much for awesome comment, HRS!!! It's really thrilling to know you liked this vid so much! Thank you for watching!
It reminded how much fun Farscape was and how many wacky, practically slapstick adventures they had.

Slapstick comedy is what I was trying to capture here so it's great to hear it did its work :))) Thank you for commenting!
Awesome indeed!
Awesomely FUN!!

Well done!

PS: I love your new LJ style! WOW...
Awesome indeed!
Awesomely FUN!!Well done!

Thank you so much!!! *hugs*

PS: I love your new LJ style! WOW...

It's really cool, isn't it? :) It's hard to find something that is so pretty and has all the setup I need (unless you know how to code and can make your own art - not me :(...).
Really funny. There was always epic zaniness to go with the epic drama. I loved how you tied this into the idea of leadership and pretty much everyone undercutting their claims to it.
Thank you very much for the comment!