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Farscape Vid: Show Time

Title: Show Time

Music: The Zanies by X-Ray Dog
Length: 1:45

Genre: Comedy

Download: 26 MB wmv at 4shared,  26 MB mp4 at Mediafire

Watch: YouTube

This vid was made for the 7th Terra Firma Beach Bash Video Challenge. Theme - Anarchy.

Big thanks goes to  nymeria_55  and nebari_rebel  for being as always awesome and inspiring test drivers!

Have fun!!!


Awesome indeed!
Awesomely FUN!!

Well done!

PS: I love your new LJ style! WOW...
Awesome indeed!
Awesomely FUN!!Well done!

Thank you so much!!! *hugs*

PS: I love your new LJ style! WOW...

It's really cool, isn't it? :) It's hard to find something that is so pretty and has all the setup I need (unless you know how to code and can make your own art - not me :(...).